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Traditional Persian Foods

Healthy, Delicious, and Vegan

Authentic Food

Don't sacrifice flavour for time

Foods that are ready in less than 30 minutes

Market Dates

Loutet Market October 15th

UBC Farmer's Market October 22nd-November 26th

Vegan and Vegetarian

All our soups are vegan first and can be made vegetarian with our side topping.

Healthy Ingredients

No Preservatives. Low Sodium. Low Fat

Quick prep

Add water and cook for under 30 minutes

What our customers think

When I first tried Elite Soups I thought there was no way you could take my moms cooking and do that in less than 20 minutes. Two days where I didn't have enough time to cook, I decided to try it. Man did it blow my expectations out the water. It was amazing! It felt like my mom had cooked the soups.

Behdad J

Growing up in rainy Vancouver, I have always enjoyed stews and soups. On a business trip to Tehran in 2017, I was introduced to a variety of Persian soups but could not find anything like it back home. I recently tried Elite's Ash Reshteh (my favourite) and Ash Sabzi and was immediately transported back to the authentic restaurants in Iran. These soups will be a staple on my camping and hiking trips from now on!

Cam J.

If you haven't heard of Elite Soup yet, you've got to check out the 3 kinds she has available and send her a message! Locally made and so yummy 😍 will definitely be eating the other two this week 👀


From our family to yours

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Find us at Dip Co Delights in Deepcove

4381 Gallant Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7G 1L1

Wed - Mon 10am.-5pm.