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From our family to yours

Elite Soup is a creation of a husband (Mehdi) and wife (Shiva) team, originally from Iran and now living in North Vancouver, Canada.

After having their second child during the Covid-19 pandemic and their hours at work being scaled back, the couple began to brainstorm ideas to continue to provide for their young family. Being passionate about their Persian culture and its cuisine, Shiva started to brainstorm an idea for a dry soup mix. Typically, Persian soups and stews take many hours of cooking to develop the customary taste and consistency families love. They wanted a product that would take 20 minutes or less without sacrificing the taste or authenticity of our food.

Over the course of a year, Mehdi and Shiva invested all of their free time into research and development until they came up with the perfect, authentic recipes that were also VEGAN.

They are looking forward to sharing some of their tradition and culture with you.

We want to give back

Growing up on the coast in Iran and now living in Vancouver, the young couple feel very connected to the water and finds inner peace when close to the ocean. This is why one percent of the proceeds will be donated towards foundations with directives to protect our oceans and sea life.